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ali ingle

Ali is a Liverpool musician, but now based in London. He wowed the festival crowd last year with his Northern charm and cheeky smile. After being named “Male Artist of the Year” at Liverpool Music Awards, Ali’s musical journey took off with a bang!

From his quirky D.I.Y videos, the unmistakeable gravel in his young voice, poignant lyrics, earworm hook laden songs, Ali will not fail to win your heart.


With two highly critically acclaimed Eps, and a dangerous ability of being able to write the catchiest of lyrics to the catchiest of melodies, Ali will have you singing your way through his set. Ali is lucky enough to have had Janice Long, Simon Raymonde and Tom Robinson on a long list of DJs enjoying his music. His fans even include personal idols like David Gray and Andy Dunlop from Travis. Ali is very much a “crowd pleaser” a lovable disposition, an attention seeking kid who never quite grew up, who relishes serving you his inner thoughts and ramblings in the form of audio and visual delights!!

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