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Daff Illustration comes to the Sunday Art and Craft Market

We are very pleased to officially announce the ‘Daff Illustrationstall at Riba RocksArt and Craft Market on Sunday 8th September. Daff will be bringing a selection of her laser cut ply planets, sun and fossil coasters, fabric stars, laser cut card suns and mini felt heart decorations. You can see Daff’s portfolio aquí.


Daff says about her work, “I endeavour to communicate complex scientific themes using a variety of methods and materials, including laser cutting, printmaking, paper cuts and book works. My most recent work focuses on ‘Origins’ (the origin of the universe, nature and human life), the Solar System and the 540 million year old creatures from the Cambrian Era that lie at the roots of our evolutionary tree of life.

My work is not only a visual interpretation of scientific information, but on a more personal level, is a way to gain a better understanding of where we come from, engage with the natural world and appreciate the wonders of our universe.”


Poesia des dels balcons – Poesia des dels balcons

Aquest cap de setmana el poble celebra la 'Poesia dels donis balcons I Festival de Poesia'.
Organised by the Ajuntament of Riba-roja d’Ebre, esdeveniments inclouen una exposició d'art, banderes de poemes que pengen dels balcons, vídeos, poemes a la música i l'art del graffiti en viu. L'esdeveniment va incloure una actuació inspirada en la poesia d'Adrià Cid que s'ha de dur a terme en les roques Riba d'enguany. Un fantàstic cap de setmana a la localitat de Riba-roja d'Ebre.



Línia anunci de no – DJ Jonty (The Fishtank)

Here at RRHQ, we are very excited to announce yet another superb addition to the Riba Rocks line up.

Jonty’s adventure in music started in the late 1980’s, initially promoting blues parties and live music in the North of England then moving on to DJ’ing at warehouse raves and underground parties in London. Back in the day, his sound blended twisted acid beats with hands in the air piano house and the retro rare groove popular throughout the London scene. Always focused on moving the crowd whatever it takes, Jonty is known for varying musical styles within his setsa skill honed by the best part of 20 years as a professional DJ working every kind of dancefloor from barely legal venuesliberatedin the name of raving to the finest functions throughout Europe in his guise as the in-house DJ to a major events company.

Fishtank colour logo with script RGB

malgrat això, he is best known for being resident DJ and promoter ofThe Fishtanka legendary monthly night that ran in London and Portsmouth for more than 10 years under the manifesto ofhard uplifing house”. Jonty’s role was to provide a range of funky progressive grooves to complement the out and out banging sets offered by guests such as Pete Wardman, and he can still be relied on to rock the floor with everything from underground anthems to forgotten classics mixed with fresher cuts. With plenty of carefully chosen up front new beats and a shed load of big tunes in his luggage, Jonty’s musical journey continues to Riba Rocks and you’ve got a ticket to ride

Línia anunci de no – DJ Richie Wilde aka Rico Furioso

Tan, we have definitely left the best till lastyou are in for a real treat. This year’s headline DJ at Riba Rocks will be Richie Wilde aka Rico Furioso. We are thrilled that our headline dj is flying in from Ibiza to perform his superb sets for us in La Vall. Just off the back of his Misselstock 2013 performance, we simply cannot wait for this

A larger than life persona, Richie Wilde has been DJing for over 20 years and has played at parties, clubs and functions all over the South of England under many different guises. From hosting Rock/Indie shows in London and headlining local festivals he plays to the crowd in his own Wilde flamboyant way.


Rico Furioso raises the bar for energy behind the decks, he is the next octave, the next level – he is the party. With dates in Ibiza, mainland Spain and the UK throughout the year Rico is a busy man. He draws on the energy of the crowd and gives it back at high velocity! Rico resides in Ibiza.


To read more about Richie Wilde aka Rico Furioso and to book him for your party click aquí and like the superstar DJ on facebook aquí.

You can listen to some of his mixes aquí.

Línia anunci de no – Adrià Cid

aquí, a RRHQ, estem molt contents d'anunciar la nostra més recent addició a la línia per a Riba Rocks….Adrià Cid.

artista, ceramista i cantautor de Riba-roja d'Ebre, nascut el 1989 a Barcelona. Llicenciat en Belles Arts per la Universitat de Barcelona i Universitat del País Basc, actualment cursa estudis de Ceràmica Artística a l'Escola Llotja (Barcelona). Compagina la creació artística i ceràmica en el seu taller al centre de Barcelona, amb la seva faceta musical com a cantautor, movent entre el folk, roca, rumba, reagge, etc..


Ha participat en exposcions tant col·lectives com individuals, va ser premiat en alguns concursos a destacar el d'Art Jove Terres de l'Ebre 2010 i finalista d'altres convocatòries (tant en l'àmbit artístic com en el musical).

Escoltar música d'Adrià, feu clic aquí.

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