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Countdown to Riba Rocks 2013

Official countdown to the first ever Riba Rocks arts and music festivalonly

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to go and La Vall welcomes The Horn The Hunt, Harry Bird & The Rubber Wellies, Ruth Theodore, Adria Cid, live artwork with Kate Theodore and Albert Bonetwe cannot wait to see you all

Final line up times for Saturday 7th bands day and djs into the night

Here’s the final line up for Riba Rocks bands day on Saturday 7th September with DJs into the night…. and then we have some amazing creative talent on show at the arts and crafts market on the Sunday from 3pmLlegeix més »

Top 10 things to remember for Riba Rocks 2013

We cannot wait to see you all at the first ever Riba Rocks arts and music festival in September. We thought we would give you this handy list of the top 10 things to remember to help you when you’re packing for your stay in La Vall. Still haven’t got your ticket? Why not? Clica aquí!

Top 10 things to remember

Top 10 things to remember

Riba-roja d’Ebre to celebrate 20 years of the Devils

On Saturday 24th August, as part of the major fiestas this year, we will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Devils. This is our favourite night of the fiestas with drumming, fireworks and superb displays from the devil groupswe cannot wait for this very special occasion!

Cartell Aniversari jpg

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