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Riba Rocks on the BBC..

Well, what a week! Riba Rocks and Ali Ingle on the BBC!! If you missed it, we have posted the sound clip below for you (apologies for the quality) or you can listen again on the BBC iPlayer aquí.

The superb Dave Monks, radio presenter on BBC Introducing Merseyside, had a visit from the awesome Ali Ingle at the weekend. They were talking about Ali’s new upcoming EP which will feature his latest single ‘A Life Unlike Yours’. He was supported with backing vocals by the members of Little Grace. Dave Monks will be hosting this year’s festival and we cannot wait to meet him in Riba-roja d’Ebre, Catalunya.

You can read more about the wonderful Ali Ingle, listen to more tracks and watch his incredibly creative music videos aquí.

You can catch Ali’s performance at this year’s Riba Rocks festival on Saturday 6th September at 7pm.

Ali Ingle at this year's Riba Rocks festival

Ali Ingle is a 24 yr old musician from Liverpool, creating what he hopes is honest music for a generation of dreamers. En 2012 his witty and intelligent lyrics, and hook laiden melodies (not to mention that quirky voice) saw him fight off stiff competition to be named Male Artist of the Year at Liverpool Music Awards.

In Ali’s words “I’m not trying to change the world or make a statement. My music is just the ramblings and inner thoughts of an attention seeking kid who never quite grew up.”

This echoes through his homemade music videos, which he puts down to his passion for movies. Ali puts the inspiration for his music down to growing up listening to David Gray, who he is now incredibly lucky to be able to count him as a fan!!

Ali Ingle’s official video to ‘A Life Unlike Yours’.




coberts – per encapçalar el diumenge a les roques Riba…

Diumenge a les roques Riba festival no només se li brinda l' '2 kool per skool’ DJ set per l'Associació de DJ, Flix però ara podem confirmar 2 noves incorporacions a la nit. Vostè serà entretingut pel 'tabalers Figots Satànics’ – grup Tambors del diable de Riba-roja d'Ebre seguit per l'actuació principal per articles plans en base Tarragona.

Coberts a Riba Rocks Festival

Estem absolutament encantats de tenir aquests 2 la suma perfecta al festival d'aquest any. Podeu llegir més sobre coberts aquí.

Devils Riba-roja d'Ebre

Fer una ullada a la Figots Satànics – Colla de diables de Riba-roja d’Ebre‘ aquí.


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