Arxiu per Setembre, 2019

Riba Roques d'Oli d'Oliva

Estem tan contents d'anunciar-los que l'oli d'oliva totes les roques naturals Riba ja està disponible a 2 més magatzemistes, one here in Riba-roja d’Ebre (nostre poble local) i l'altre a la nostra ciutat natal original de Southampton. A fantastic link between our two ‘homes’.

Huge thanks to Portswood based October Books who still have a few jars available, agafar la seva ara!

October Books is Southampton’s premier independent book shop. ‘Owned by customers and staff, and worker controlled, you can find us in the heart of Portswood’s independent high street. From here, we supply local residents and students with the latest releases and classics, ethical, fair trade and organic foods, green cleaning products and toiletries, and our popular range of quirky, beautiful and thought provoking greetings cards.

Also, huge thanks to Forn Montserrat here in Riba-roja d’Ebre for their support in stocking the oil too.

‘Forn Montserrat, founded in 1909 and after four generations of bakers, continue to work each day with the same passion. All goods sold in our stores are made in our bakery, with our hands and our hearts, in wood fired ovens.

All proceeds from these donations go directly to the not-for-profit Riba Rocks registered Association here in Catalunya and are used to create cultural events.

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