Línia anunci de no – Troubadour’s Garden

We are proud to announce yet another wonderful addition to this year’s Riba Rocks festivalTroubadour’s Garden.

Troubadour’s Garden are an Independent acoustic duo producing original songs and instrumentals, currently based in Devon, they perform internationally and often​ Incorporate the music of friends into what they do​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​. ​Troubadour’s Garden’s music is acoustic, eclectic and lyrical, sometimes epic, sometimes intimate and mood driven. With a mythic story Telling Edge. Folk, jazz, world and classical may all have an influence.​​To make music which is vital we work intuitively with whatever is useful and Beautiful.

Troubadours Garden at Riba Rocks

Phil and Anna Founded Okehampton Acoustic in 2012 and so far the Club has worked with over 70 performers. They are also founding members of Ocmundtune Creative Arts and are organising a major creative and performing arts event in Devon in May.

Troubadours Garden at Riba Rocks

www.okehamptonacousticclub.moonfruit.com / www.ocmundtunearts.com


Anna And Phil are both Painters who Show internationally they also lead
inspiring, playful and accessible workshops in music and the visual arts; for individuals, groups and organisations.

Their informal, friendly & fun workshops are focused towards the encouragement, discovery and development of individual creativity, uniquely transforming ideas into songs, poems, paintings, instrumentals, costume, masks and what ever else a workshop may spark.

We are really looking forward to welcoming Anna and Phil to La Vall!

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