Riba Rocked

We are still buzzing here at RRHQ from a fantastic weekend of live music of the highest quality starting with the wonderfully talented Adrià Cid, followed by the lyrical genius that is Ruth Theodore, the crowd were then entertained by Harry Bird & the Rubber Wellies (the beard snood being a highlight). Riba Rocks was then headlined by the magical, haunting sounds of The Horn The Hunt who, in our opinion, were born to perform in The Valley environment. All this and then our Superstar DJsRichie Wilde, Jonty and Joe Brookyou took us all through the night with your superb mixes.


We were very close to moving the location of our first ever Riba Rocks festival due to a few minutes of very bad weather however with your support and encouragement we powered on through and hosted RR in The Valley where it was always supposed to be. A big thank you to the Associació los músics de Riba-roja d’Ebre for sticking with it and providing all the sound equipment as well as a bar and food on the Saturday night.


You can view some of the photos from this year’s festival aquí. We will be asking you for your invaluable feedback on our first festival but in the meantime please feel free to leave your comment here.

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