Ticket launch date and DJ announcement

Tickets for this year’s Riba Rocks will be available in early Mayalong with our brand new website 🙂 To join our mailing list to receive notifications for when tickets are on sale please contacti'ns
Mentrestant… we bring you an extra special ‘Midweek Madnessline up announcement

We are proud to present to you IBIZA’S very own DJ RICHIE WILDE

Richie has played at some of the finest venues on the island including: Tulp Beach Club, Kanya Beach Club, the uber cool Mint Lounge and the iconic Cafe del Mar.
Riba is soon to be ‘rocked to it’s foundations’ as he plays to the crowd in his own Wilde flamboyant way
Listen to the man who plays records for a living on The White Island (jealous!) aquí.

You’re welcome… 🙂

DJ-Richie-Wilde line up announcement

Larger than life persona, Richie Wilde has been DJing for over 20 years and has played at parties, clubs and functions all over the South of England. From hosting Rock/Indie shows in London to headlining festivals he plays to the crowd in his own Wilde flamboyant way. Originally from the South of England he spends the majority of his time in Ibiza – where he can be found playing at many of the bars and clubs there including: Tapas Restaurant & Lounge, Tulp, Kanya Beach Club and Cafe del Mar. Richie eats, breathes and lives music.

Follow Richie on Twitter aquí.
Like Richie on Facebook aquí.
Also check out his website aquí.

Richie Wilde brings you
Feelgood Friday: “To kick start your weekend
Sunshine Sets: “To keep the cold at bay and warm your heart
Moonlight Mix: “To keep you energised until dawn
Villa Vinyl: “Guilty pleasures for the ultimate after party” (vinyl mixno apologies for any snap, crack or pop!)

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