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mog stanley


Everyone loves a bit of the ‘Bluesdon’t they? Perhaps it’s the way that everything comes out when you watch a ‘Bluessinger perform. Their joy, their pain, their struggles, their affirmation. It always tells a story. Their emotions pouring out all over the stage. Often burdened with a troubled soul. Nobody is more suitable for this particular purpose than MOG STANLEY. Born in Preston and now based in Manchester, Mog is a guitar playing, foot tapping blues rock musician. His melodic and haunting vocals are beautiful and touching. Creating Blues style riffs, accompanied by his modern day and thought provoking lyrics this is serious «Gut-thumping Northern Blues.» With two highly acclaimed Eps, 2012’s «Who’s running the playground?» y «Inside the mindbox» from 2013 and a debut album set for release this year, Mog is quickly establishing a catalogue of great songs, performed with guitars and a homemade percussion toe tapping shoe box thing. His unique style of «one man band» is without question, not something you should be prepared to miss. «Anybody singing the Blues, is in a deep pit, yelling for help.» Mog doesn’t make you want to rescue him, he makes you want to jump right in that pit alongside him.

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