The Riba Rocks festival weekend celebrates international music and creativity in ‘La Vall’. Set in a natural ampitheatre near to the stunning River Ebro surrounded by picturesque mountain backdrop, the event showcases amazingly talented solo artists, bands and DJs from the UK, Catalunya and further afield. With the art market, creative workshops and much more, we welcome some of the best up and coming talent from all over the world with DJ sets taking you through to sunrise. All this mixed in with wonderfully creative contemporary art, permaculture workshops, nature and history talks and poetry in Catalan and English.

‘La Vall’ is a rural finca (farm) comprising 15 hectares of olive, almond and fig trees set in a private valley. It is completely ‘off-grid’ – there is no mains electricity and no mains water supply. We use solar power throughout the year and rainwater is collected for washing. With over 200 olive trees which are pruned each winter, we have an abundance of fuel for heating. The ash bi-product is then stored for use on our wonderful waterless compost toilets. Coming to the Riba Rocks festival offers you the chance to ‘unplug’ from your ‘normal?’ existence and immerse yourself in the incredible musical and artistic talent.

We are always seeking ways to improve the sustainability of the festival within the finca environment and trust the two can run parallel and in harmony. Riba Rocks focuses on looking after the land by using waterless facilities, as water is not in abundant supply as well as separating, reusing and recycling as much of the waste produced by the festival as possible.

The event is run on a ‘not-for-profit’ basis, any and all profits will be reinvested into future events and maintenance and improvements to infrustructure, no wages are taken. It is simply a reason to get together amidst nature, meet new people from all over the world and listen to some awesome music, dancing in the dust until the early hours.