Accommodation in La Vall for the Riba Rocks festival is available to all weekend ticket holders. Our festival guests either hire or bring their own tents to stay amongst the olive trees. We support Love Your Tent, ‘a new campaign created by Eco Action Partnership and in association with A Greener Festival designed to bond people with their portable homes, and encourage them to re-use instead of discard’. Remember you will need bedding, torches, insect repellant and sun tan lotion.

There are outdoor washing/solar shower facilities however please try to use water sparingly, we are not on mains supply, all our water falls from the sky and that doesn’t happen very often here. Waterless toilets are located throughout the festival site and The Main Stage.

There will be recycling and general waste bins throughout the site, so please keep the valley clear of rubbish as we are in a fire risk area. There will be sand buckets for cigarette ends.

As we’re sure our guests will agree, staying in La Vall is part of the overall experience of the Riba Rocks festival. It offers you a taste of ‘off-grid living’ and it also creates a wonderful community vibe. We are a great advocate of ‘small is beautiful’, you’ll have room to pitch your tent, room to dance and no long queues, you’ll have room to glamp it up too!

However, we do understand if this is not suitable for you. In this case, there are wonderful local accommodation options both in the village of Riba-roja d’Ebre and other areas not too far from La Vall. Contact us for more information!