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dj filtah

Filtah started DJing on the Free Rave scene in the UK around Oxford and Aylesbury in the late 90’s playing Jungle, Drum and Bass and Hardcore. This scene had a big influence on his sound as a DJ.

He moved to Leeds in 2000 and quickly became a resident DJ for regular Drum and Bass nights across the city’s venues. This continued for several years, and he had the chance to play warm up sets for artists such as DJ Hype, Nicky Blackmarket, Goldie and Grooverider. Filtah was also involved in the Leeds reggae scene in later years, playing at smaller venues and parties and also played at venues in the south of France. He now lives in Ibiza, and has played Dub, Reggae, Chillout and World vibes at venues including Kumharas, Atzaró and Casita Verde. Filtah likes to mix it up, and rarely limits himself to a single style or genre, preferring to take his audience on a journey through his influences, depending on the mood. Reading what the crowd wants is part of the magic for him.


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