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LINQAE, formed in August 2011 in Valencia, Spain, are a band influenced by electronic and international indie-rock and they have grown to find their own identity.

The band experimented and pushed the boundaries with their first album ‘Collapse’ a series of 11 songs written in English. To promote the album, they performed at various ‘salas’ in Valencia and Madrid, becoming finalists in indie rock competitions such as Suberock (Badajoz) and participating in the music festival Live online Noise off festival. They have been repeatedly selected by Paula Quintana for Radio 3 ‘Captain Demo’ and were among the 10 semifinalists groups in the DCODE FESTIVAL 2014 contest.

Linqae’s second EP is OUT NOW! Recorded at Electric Waves Millenia studios in Valencia, CLICK HERE to grab your copy.

Previous works are available online via Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes or Google Play too!


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