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Línia anunci de no – Troubadour’s Garden

We are proud to announce yet another wonderful addition to this year’s Riba Rocks festivalTroubadour’s Garden.

Troubadour’s Garden are an Independent acoustic duo producing original songs and instrumentals, currently based in Devon, they perform internationally and often​ Incorporate the music of friends into what they do​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​. ​Troubadour’s Garden’s music is acoustic, eclectic and lyrical, sometimes epic, sometimes intimate and mood driven. With a mythic story Telling Edge. Folk, jazz, world and classical may all have an influence.​​To make music which is vital we work intuitively with whatever is useful and Beautiful.

Troubadours Garden at Riba Rocks

Phil and Anna Founded Okehampton Acoustic in 2012 and so far the Club has worked with over 70 performers. They are also founding members of Ocmundtune Creative Arts and are organising a major creative and performing arts event in Devon in May.

Troubadours Garden at Riba Rocks /

Anna And Phil are both Painters who Show internationally they also lead
inspiring, playful and accessible workshops in music and the visual arts; for individuals, groups and organisations.

Their informal, friendly & fun workshops are focused towards the encouragement, discovery and development of individual creativity, uniquely transforming ideas into songs, poems, paintings, instrumentals, costume, masks and what ever else a workshop may spark.

We are really looking forward to welcoming Anna and Phil to La Vall!

Línia anunci de no – Cecilias

We are very proud to announce Cecilias will be performing at this year’s Riba Rocks

Loveit’s over …. This is the last sentence of Cecilias debut album , a declaration of intent. The nonsense is over! this female trio of Sabadell ( Barcelona) will for you, go for it, will conquer the world with their fresh and sassy pop. Cristina (vocals and guitar), Anna ( bass) and Amàlia (drums) have billed an album full of tragic yet funny, elegant but also lighthearted songs, a collection of songs that speak of personal relationships and, in an apparent paradox, of love, lots of love

face llit 2

A debut album that contains two highly original dramatic versions yet , isThat was ,” a song written by Juan Gabriel and popularized by Isabel Pantoja andLady ,” the classic Rocio Jurado written by the great Manuel Alejandro.

Indie song ? És clar , of course!

Watch Ceclias here:

Cecilias on facebook

Double DJ announcement ** Joe Brook ** & ** Jonty **

For those of you who joined us in 2013, you will undoubtedly remember the awesome sets in ‘The Nestby DJ Jonty and DJ Joe Brook. Well you lucky people, they are coming back this year! We are proud to see the return of these superb festival DJs for 2014 in Spain at this year’s Riba Rocks.

Dj Joe Brook and DJ Jonty

Joe Brook of DJ collective ‘Audio Sunshine’ will be bringing his summery sunset vibes to Riba Rocks. Audio Sunshine have appeared at legendary South London venues including Ministry of Sound and Plan B. You can listen to Joe’s superb set which saw festival goers dancing until sunrise aquí.


Jonty RRHQ recentment li va dir 'vaig a estar caient discoteca retorçat i batecs profunds, progressant a la casa edificant gruix tot rematat amb una pols de clàssics de metro en hora punta per a un va encendre públic de el festival. Tot el conjunt de treball de DJ a Riba, així que vaig a estar mirant per construir sobre les seves idees i mantenir un flux suau entre els nostres conjunts. Amb una àmplia gamma de ranures tots apuntant a la pista de ball bella sota les estrelles, hi haurà una gran quantitat d'esquerdes casa de música passant, that’s for sure.Relive his superb set aquí.

jonty copy

We simply cannot wait for this

Línia anunci de no ** Hysterical Injury **

Hysterical Injury are a noise pop bass drums duo from South Wales via the West Country UK. Formed in 2007 as a three piece, are now brother and sister, Annie and Tom Gardiner. They have played hundreds of shows and supported many great bands including Lightning Bolt, Marnie Stern, Men, She Keeps Bees, Mike Watt, Black Pus, The Primitives, Katie Stelmanis (Austra), Screaming Females and many more. They are one of a kind in that they intertwine unusual melodic lines, big bass riffs and beats mashed from every style.

Hysterical Injury at Riba Rocks

It makes them hard to pigeon hole but if you have to ask, BBC Radio DJ Steve Lamacq ‘They kick up a thrash pop racketand Venus Zine in the US hailed them as ‘Our generations SonicYouth’. This is their first trip to Europe as a band.

Hysterical Injury at Riba Rocks festivalphotos by Keira Cullinane.

Visit their official website aquí.
You can follow Hysterical Injury on twitter aquí.
They are on facebook aquí.

Línia anunci de no – ALI ENGONAL…

We have tried to keep this one under wraps until Friday but we are just too excited. This guy’s voice is simply stunning and his videos are a must watch. We are honoured to have him play for us at this year’s Riba Rocks festival.

Announcing…. ALI ENGONAL

Ali Ingle is a 24 yr old musician from Liverpool, creating what he hopes is honest music for a generation of dreamers. In 2012 his witty and intelligent lyrics, and hook laiden melodies (not to mention that quirky voice) saw him fight off stiff competition to be named Male Artist of the Year at Liverpool Music Awards.

In Ali’s words “I’m not trying to change the world or make a statement. My music is just the ramblings and inner thoughts of an attention seeking kid who never quite grew up.”

Ali Ingle at this year's Riba Rocks festival

This echoes through his homemade music videos, which he puts down to his passion for movies. Ali puts the inspiration for his music down to growing up listening to David Gray, who he is now incredibly lucky to be able to count him as a fan!!

You simply have to watch these videosand he’s coming to Riba-roja d’EbreI wonder if he’ll be traveling on his spacehopper??!!!!!

Announcing… **Amaya López-C aka Maud the moth**

We are absolutely delighted to welcome to this year’s Riba Rocks festival the amazingly talented Amaya López-C aka Maud the moth. Her unique sound is going to overwhelm festival goers in The Valley this September.

Amaya López-C - Maud the moth

‘Maud the moth is the personal project of the singer-songwriter Amaya López-C, who uses piano and her voice as main instruments to build a musical universe full of shades and intensity.

You can listen to her music on this link.

‘Her personal style is hard to fit into a tag, since her classical training but yet taste for dark, and heavier sounds made her a sort of stateless musician. To be fair citing influences one must name composers such as Debussy, Turina or Esbjörn Svenson as much as the singing of Mahalia Jackson or the strength of Tool, Faith no more and Battle of mice, among many others.

Maud the moth aims for compositions that range from songwriting to storytelling and focus on abstract ideas and a fantasized perception of reality, consolidating the intense and personal style which always defined Amaya’s singing throughout her wide experience in Madrid’s underground rock and metal scene.

Like Maud the moth on facebook aquí.

‘After the release of her debut album “Home Futile Home” (Noma/Nooirax/Excellent Recs. 2012)Maud the moth, caught the attention of the Spanish specialized music press (Mondosonoro, H magazine, Rolling Stone Spain, Calle 20, etc.) gaining excellent reviews, both for her studio and live work. The project was also selected as finalist and semi-finalist for prizes such as “Festimad”,”Termómetro RS”, “Villa de Bilbao” and “Destino Rock in Rio”, and was chosen by the artist Ana Curra to support her show “El Acto” on February 2012.

Maud the moth is currently living in the U.K. and is working on a second album.

For more information, click aquí.

Next AnnouncementADRIÁ CID

We are delighted to announce our next addition to the line up for Riba Rocks …. ADRIÁ CID.

artista, ceramista i compositor de Riba-roja d'Ebre, nascut a 1989 a Barcelona, Adrià Cid té una llicenciatura en Belles Arts per la Universitat de Barcelona i la Universitat del País Basc. Actualment cursa estudis a l'Escola d'Art Llotja de ceràmica (Barcelona). Es combina la creació artística i la ceràmica en el seu estudi al centre de Barcelona amb el seu paper com a compositor musical es mou entre el folk, roca, rumba and reggae

Adria Cid - Next addition to the line up

Ha participat en exposicions tant individuals i de grup i va ser guardonat amb l'Art Jove Terres de l'Ebre 2010 i va ser finalista en altres competicions (tant en les arts i la música).

To listen to Adrià’s music, click aquí.

Ticket launch date and DJ announcement

Tickets for this year’s Riba Rocks will be available in early Mayalong with our brand new website 🙂 To join our mailing list to receive notifications for when tickets are on sale please contacti'ns
Mentrestant… we bring you an extra special ‘Midweek Madnessline up announcement

We are proud to present to you IBIZA’S very own DJ RICHIE WILDE

Richie has played at some of the finest venues on the island including: Tulp Beach Club, Kanya Beach Club, the uber cool Mint Lounge and the iconic Cafe del Mar.
Riba is soon to be ‘rocked to it’s foundations’ as he plays to the crowd in his own Wilde flamboyant way
Listen to the man who plays records for a living on The White Island (jealous!) aquí.

You’re welcome… 🙂

DJ-Richie-Wilde line up announcement

Larger than life persona, Richie Wilde has been DJing for over 20 years and has played at parties, clubs and functions all over the South of England. From hosting Rock/Indie shows in London to headlining festivals he plays to the crowd in his own Wilde flamboyant way. Originally from the South of England he spends the majority of his time in Ibiza – where he can be found playing at many of the bars and clubs there including: Tapas Restaurant & Lounge, Tulp, Kanya Beach Club and Cafe del Mar. Richie eats, breathes and lives music.

Follow Richie on Twitter aquí.
Like Richie on Facebook aquí.
Also check out his website aquí.

Richie Wilde brings you
Feelgood Friday: “To kick start your weekend
Sunshine Sets: “To keep the cold at bay and warm your heart
Moonlight Mix: “To keep you energised until dawn
Villa Vinyl: “Guilty pleasures for the ultimate after party” (vinyl mixno apologies for any snap, crack or pop!)

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