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Crepes, crepes and more crepes

Back by popular demand… Damien (affectionately known as ‘Crepe Dude’) from ‘La Parisienne Creperia’ will be back! With crepes, crepes and more crepes – have a look at the recipes aquí. There is nothing as good as a crepe at 4 o’clock in the morning to keep you going on that dancefloor!


La Parisienne Creperia

Inspired Earth in La Vall

Estem encantats d'anunciar…

‘Inspired Earth is coming to La Vall for this year’s Riba Rocks festival. Bringing their Fair Trade clothing and accessories, La Vall with be filled with a colourful variety of ethnic, handmade clothing, homeware and accessories, bringing beautiful shopping to the festival doorstep.

For more information on the Inspired Earth products, their shop locations and to just give them a ‘likeclick here.


Inspired-Earth-3 Inspired-Earth

Cervesa artesanal a les roques Riba!

Estem encantats d'anunciar…

logotip de la cerveseria vic (2)

A nivell local elabora cervesa de l'art estarà disponible a les roques del festival de Riba d'enguany! Rafa i Jordi de la fàbrica de cervesa Vic (Vic, Catalunya) li pot servir als seus cerveses artesanals al llarg del cap de setmana.

L'equip de roques Riba han tingut la sort de provar aquestes proves per calmar la set cerveses i estem molt ansiosos a setembre!! Clica aquí llegir més sobre la cerveseria Vic.

Vic cerveseria artesanal de cervesa a Riba Rocks Festival Vic cerveseria artesanal de cervesa a Riba Rocks Festival Vic cerveseria artesanal de cervesa a Riba Rocks Festival Vic cerveseria artesanal de cervesa a Riba Rocks Festival

Anar a donar a la cervesa un Vic com a Facebook aquí.
També pot seguir-los en Twitter aquí!

Adam Pinson – Exhibition

At this year’s Riba Rocks, you will not only be able to listen to some superb bands and djs from all over the world. You will also be treated to a series of contemporary art exhibitions.

The first, installed in the Daff Cafe, presents Adam Pinson’s work, which is something you will want to stand and stare at for hours on end, admiring the unique talent of the artist, reading the content and concept and admiring the absolute commitment by the artist to these all consuming works of art. Clica aquí to view more of Pinson’s work.

Adam Pinson

A selection of drawings rendered using Colour Pencils by Adam Pinson, maker
of things & stuff, an illustrator of nothing in particular…”

Adam Pinson

No More Plastic Plates

We promise there will be no plastic plates or forks at this year’s Riba Rocks. Everything you use on the Great Beyond Records Main Stage will be COMPOSTABLEwe have sourced compostable plates and forks from Enviropack in the hope to make the festival as sustainable as we possibly can

Discarded plates and forks on the Main Stage will be placed into separate containers and allowed to rot down and then it will be mixed in with the ‘depositsin the compost toilets and spread on the garden!

We are a small, intimate festival. Still our goal is to ‘Leave No Traceon the valley each year and to respect the beautiful wildlife therein. Help us to do that by separating your waste during your stay! Thanks so much. The RR Team.

Compostable plates


The ‘Riba Rocks Shuttle Bus’!

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you the ‘Riba Rocks Festival Shuttle Bus’

  • Visita la pintoresca localitat de Riba-roja d'Ebre
  • Donar-se un bany a la piscina pública
  • Passegeu pels carrers antics
  • Tome un bany a la fresca de l'Ebre
  • Un caiac pausat o barca a pedals
  • …o potser et quedaràs al poble i que viatjar al festival cada dia?

the reliable and low cost shuttle service at this year’s Riba Rocks festival is the answer!

The Riba Rocks Festival Shuttle Bus will be running from the festival site to the village (a través de l'estació de tren) i de tornada al llarg del cap de setmana, incloent les primeres hores del matí!

There will be full details of the Shuttle Bus timetable at the train station, al poble i en el lloc del festival de les roques Riba.

The village of Riba-roja d’EbrePhotography by Dave Turley Photography

The Riba Rocks Festival Shuttle Bus The Riba Rocks Festival Shuttle Bus

The Riba Rocks Festival Shuttle Bus

Permaculture workshop with Boodaville

This year at Riba Rocks, we welcome to The Valley Anna Gurney from the Boodaville Project. Anna will be talking to us about permaculture ideas and philosophies as well as running a daytime workshop. We are really excited for you all to meet Anna and we feel this will be an invaluable exercise for our festival community.

The Boodaville Project, in the Matarranya district of Spain started in 2008 with the purchase of 1.5 hectares of olive terraces and pine forests in a stunning, tranquil location. Over the years, many people in an ever-growing international community have become involved and we’ve learned about, and applied, permaculture design during the development of the site.

The long term goal is to create a working example of permaculture principles in action, including food production, comfortable accommodation for guests and plenty of space for workshops and courses. In a nutshell, permaculture means that we will plan carefully to design hyper-efficient systems which make the most of natural processes, use few external resources, generate very little waste and are considerate of the local and global community. It will be a constantly evolving project as we move as close as possible to being truly sustainable while enabling others to change their own lifestyles and opening minds to alternative ways of seeing the world and relating to it.

Here’s dates for a few of the upcoming Boodaville events:
July 24-26 2015 : Weekend Retreat / RetiroYoga / Naturaleza / Relaxation
October 3 10 : Workcamp – Applied Permaculture Design / Campo de TrabajoPermacultura


Official line up for Riba Rocks 2015

This is it!! The official line up for Riba Rocks 2015 – 4,5,6, September!

All day, all nightyou will be entertained by some of the best DJs and groups from around the world for a whole weekend in the stunning valley environment in Riba-roja d’Ebre.

Come and join us and be part of this fantastic community. Grab a ticket here and we’ll see you in September!

Riba Rocks 2015

Riba Rocks 2015

Un convidat molt especial… Andreu Carranza

Benvingut a la vall… un convidat molt especial a Riba Rocks d’aquest any. autor, poeta i músic del grup Lo gitano blanc… Andreu Carranza!

Més notícies de la vall… donem la benvinguda a un convidat molt especial a Riba Rocks d’aquest any. Autor, poeta i músic del grup El gitano blanc… Andreu Carranza!

Benvingut a la vall… un convidat molt especial a Riba Rocks d'aquest any. autor, poeta i músic de l'grup El gitano blanc… Andreu Carranza!


Couch Covers on the Delta Vista


‘Couch Coversto this year’s Riba Rocks festival
Our artists will not only being giving you a superb performance on the Great Beyond Records Main Stage this year but they will also be showing you what they can do completely ‘unplugged’.

The ‘Delta Vistawill host daytime ‘couch coversthroughout the weekend. Artists will be showcasing some acoustic numbers plus a cover or two of their choice, all sitting on the Riba Rock’s couch!

‘Couch Coversal festival Riba Rocks
Nuestros artistas no van a tocar solo actuaciones excelentes en el Escenario Principal ‘Great Beyond Recordseste año, pero que también van a mostrar que lo que pueden tocar por completo ‘unplugged’.

El ‘Delta Vistaacogerá durante el día ‘Couch Coverstodo el fin de semana. Los artistas estarán tocando algunos números acústicos más uno o dos ‘versionesde su elección, todos en el sofá de Riba Rocks!

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