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Línea anuncio de no – Ruth Theodore

We are incredibly proud to announce to the Riba Rocks 2013 los carteles, Ruth Theodore. ‘A humble and charming, yet challenging and compelling songwriter and performer. Described as ‘cryptic’, or even occasionally ‘baffling’, her natural lyricism and deliberate turn of phrase is that of a skilled writer in command of (and having fun with) the idea of contemporary songwriting. Armed with a dazzling array of unconventional guitar tunings, and the most surprising and characterful of arrangements, Ruth tells stories with captivating vocal dexterity. Ruth will be performing songs from her latest record with their complete arrangements, along with re-imagined favourites from `White Holes Of Mole Hills` and `Worm Food`.Watch Ruth’s latest video aquí.


You can support Ruth by purchasing her music here:


  • Ani DiFranco, LONDON (Union Chapel)

  • Nick Harper, LONDON (Half Moon)

  • In the City, MANCHESTER (BBC 6 music)


  • Dear Lamp Love Moth (10/06/2013)

  • White Hole Of Mole Hills (15/02/2010)

  • Worm Food (05/11/2007)


  • 23rd May, LONDON (The Magic Garden)

  • Mon 10th June, LONDON (St. Pancras Old Church)

  • Fri 28th June, WINCHESTER (Discovery Centre)

  • Sat 6th July, LONDON (Westminster Reference Library)

  • 17-21 julio, LARMER TREE FESTIVAL

  • 22nd – 25th August, SHAMBALA FESTIVAL

  • 7th September, ROCAS RIBA (Cataluña)

Originally from a «nowhere place» near Winchester, Ruth learned violin from an early age, before teaching herself guitar as a busker on the streets of the south coast of England. Vagrantly gravitating to London’s east-end, via Edinburgh, she settled on the post-industrial waterways, where in 2007 she formed River Rat Records with now long-term co-conspirator James Hurst (Lola Colt, Victor Menace). The pair released Ruth’s debut ‘Worm Food’ in 2007, followed by the well received ‘White Holes Of Mole Hills’ in 2010 which was praised in the national press such as The Guardian and The Observer and aired on radio stations such as ‘The Late Junction’ (BBC Radio3) and BBC 6music. Live performances took place around the UK including appearances at Larmer Tree, Moseley and Glastonbury Festivals.

En 2011 as Ruth returned to writing songs her collaborative high speed musical sextet ‘Victor Menace’, where Ruth features on the Violin, released its debut and toured the UK festival circuit.

In January 2012 and back on her acoustic guitar Ruth opened for grammy award winning artist Ani DiFranco for two sold out nights at London’s Union Chapel. Over the following months, whilst recovering from emergency open surgery, Ruth recorded ‘Dear Lamp Love Moth’ released June 2013 on River Rat Records. Currently Ruth is performing solo and accompanied around the UK, is still living on the waterways and still writing.


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«We still remember when the last Ruth Theodore album turned up in the office: all work stopped as jaws hit the floor, entranced by her originality. Bien, one of the most distinctive, different live performers, singers, song writers and guitarists has done it again!» – fROOTS

«Songs so quirky and unexpected that it’s impossible to imagine anyone else performing them, following none of the more conventional styles of song-writing. And it actually works.» – The Guardian ★★★★

«Breathless vocals, angular, cryptic, and engaging. Beneath the self-conscious eccentricity there’s a serious musician.» – The Observer on Sunday

«It really is a fantastic record. Each time you think you know where it’s headed, you’re totally wrong.» – Simon Gibson, Abbey Road Studios

«Her tales of broken and strange people can send shivers up the spine.» – Q Magazine ★★★

«This is story telling at it’s neatest, but messy in design and complicated in spectre. Ruth Theodore pushes boundaries, tests the audience and the ability of music, instruments and words to be more than just a song. This album is evidence of true, distinct talent.» – Maverick ★★★★★

«Ani DiFranco and Martha Wainwright are the closest analoguesyet she’s more playful and dangerous than either.» – Uncut ★★★

Línea anuncio de no – Harry Bird y la goma Botas de agua

Hoo ha! Hoo Hoo ha! folksters que viajan Harry Bird y la goma Botas de agua estará presentando su cabaret íntimo de alegres coros cantar-a-long y divertido participativa en general en las rocas Riba 2013. piratas, lagartos, grietas en la pared y los ciclistas vascos todas habitan en el songscape. Y una redecilla de la barba….


Basado en Bilbao y Dublín principalmente, que han pasado los últimos cinco años recorriendo Irlanda, los que juegan bares Reino Unido y Europa continental, cafés, teatros, galas de circo, festivales y clubes de folk alike.Their álbum debut, «El largo camino de ser libre», apareció en 2009 en caliente de la gota Records y su segundo, «Los huesos en el Negro», fue publicado en marzo 2012. Su primer 7″ única de vinilo, «Caldero de plata», es fuera ahora y un tercer álbum es muy pronto para seguir, si todo va bien.


Harry Bird y la goma Botas de agua

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