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anunciando… DJ Filtah

Después de su secreto definido en el festival del año pasado cayó tan bien en el valle… DJ Filtah vuelve a Riba Rocas este mes de septiembre! Filtah le gusta mezclarlo todo, y rara vez se limita a un solo estilo o género, prefiriendo llevar a su audiencia en un viaje a través de sus influencias, dependiendo del estado de ánimo. La lectura de lo que quiere el público es parte de la magia para él. Leer más sobre Como resultado, aquí e ir a un mismo grad boleto!

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anunciando… Alex Hulme

Folk-pop singer, writer and loop maker Alex Hulme, has had one spectacular year. Plaudits from Paul McCartney and Billy Ocean aside, his work has received critical acclaim from the likes of Ultimate Guitar. He conquers the intricate layering of loops on a live stage that would put many to shame.

We can’t wait to welcome Alex to the valley!

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anunciando… luke Cusato

We welcome to the Riba Rocks 2015 los carteles… LUKE CUSATO. A 20 yr old musician based in Liverpool. Luke is a naturally gifted songwriter, armed with an electronic piano, velvety beats and a falsetto to die for. Luke has a hugely commercial feel that mixes beautifully with pure emotion. We just cannot wait for this.. roll on September

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anunciando… La Noche Buena de sonido

Cuando se es invitado a regresar a las rocas de festival de Riba de este año, The Good Sound Night told us…

‘Con ganas de volver al Riba Rocks 2015 y estar con todos vosotros, disfrutando de la música, ofreciendo un buen espectaculo y pasárnoslo genial junto a vosotros.

Rocas GO GO GO Riba 2015 estas preparado?

‘Estamos ansiosos de volver a pescado rocas 2015 y se con todos ustedes, disfrutando de la música, le dará una gran espectáculo y disfrutar de nosotros mismos con ustedes.

IR IR IR pescado rocas 2015 eres tú Listo?

We are!! Dale…

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anunciando… Louis Romégoux

We can’t wait to see Louis Romégoux perform at this year’s Riba Rocks! Anglo-French folk musician, Louis was born and raised in Sheffield, England but now lives in Austria. His new EP ‘Milou is out nowgo and treat yourself! Then grab your earlybird ticket and join us and Louis in the valley this September!

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anunciando… Jardín del trovador

#TheMagicIsBackWe are absolutely delighted to announce the much anticipated return of Troubadour’s Garden. Phil and Anna will be gracing the stage with their magical, hypnotic vocals and instrumentals. We all fell in love with them in 2014 and we cannot wait to welcome them back with open arms this September.

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anunciando… Joe Brook

Another superb return performance by superstar DJ Joe Brook. He’s been with us since the very beginning and is coming back this September, bringing his sunset vibes with him. Si te lo perdiste, you can relive his 2014 sunset session HERE!

«At 8 o’clock on a Friday night in September, over-looking the stunning festival site to the river Ebro and mountains beyond, I was lucky enough to play a few tunes to accompany the sunset and get the lovely RIBA Rocks crowd warmed up.

Thanks to everyone who visited this awesome little festival, danced and made nice comments about the music and to the brilliant bands and DJs that played.

Looking forward to 2015 already…»

Trust us, it will brighten up your Monday. Then go and grab your ticket and we’ll see you soon!

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anunciando… Ali Ingle

Yes, we can confirm the rumours are true! We’ve had so many requests for Liverpool’s Ali Ingle’s return and we are thrilled to say not only is he coming back, he’s bringing his band and he’s HEADLINING! What a superb guy, so talented, truly a lyrical genius, visually creative and very humble with it.

Missed his performance last year? If so, why?! You cannot miss out this time, Ali no dejará de ganar tu corazón. His videos are a must watch and you can read more about Ali Ingle aquí.

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anunciando… Encanto Ofensivo

We are really looking forward to this one! Music producer Encanto Ofensivo to play this year’s Riba Rocks. For Charm Offensive’s application to play at the festival this year, we were treated to a mix of gorgeous vocals, Jennifer Lopez, the flute and Destiny’s Childwhat more can we say!

Charm Offensive is a 23-year old musician from North Wales with a passion for video games & bass movement. Producing music for just a few years, Charm Offensive aims to make you reminiscent of you & your first love trapped inside a Nintendo 64 Cartridge.

This is going to be something very special

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anunciando… podían

‘Alternative folk meets Soul, Blues and Jazz’, Germany’s singer-songwriter podían is truly amazing. We can’t believe she is coming to Riba Rocks. Her voice, such talent and she will be performing LIVE this September in La Vall, AWESOME! From Frankfurt, Mogli won the best Newcomer Act of the `Women Of The World Festival` 2014. You just have to come to hear her performance, what else can we say?!

Read more about Mogli aquí!

Mogli at RIba Rocks

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