About us

Meet Our Team

At Riba Rocks, our dedicated team brings a wealth of diverse talents and experiences, united by a shared passion for art, sustainability, and community. Get to know the individuals who make our vision a reality, meet our team:

Sarah Misselbrook – Artist in Residence

A driving force behind Riba Rocks, Sarah Misselbrook serves as the on site artist mentor and educator. With a Master’s degree in Fine Art and over 20 years of creative practice experience, her expertise spans exhibition curation in Cyprus, the UK, and Spain. Specialising in sculpture, installation and performance art, Sarah is also a qualified teacher with a focus on 3-D skills and drawing. Her commitment to mental health awareness is evident through her training as an Emotional First Aider. Sarah’s skills extend to creative project management and administration.

Christopher ThorntonCreative Director / Site Manager

Christopher Thornton, our Creative Director and Site Manager, is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of industry experience. Proficient in Adobe packages, DTP, CSS, PHP, and HTML coding, he brings a keen eye for web and graphic design. As a photographer, Social Media Manager, and Marketing Specialist, Christopher is instrumental in shaping our online presence. He also takes charge of site management for our off-grid infrastructure as well as offering technical and installation support to artists.

Edgar Valls GuerreroCultural Director / Heritage Guide

Edgar Valls Guerrero is our Cultural Heritage Guide for Riba-roja d’Ebre and its surroundings. He holds a Higher Technician qualification in Lighting, Image Capture and Processing, Cinema, Video, and Photography. Edgar is a dedicated custodian of our local heritage, offering invaluable insights into the cultural richness of the area.

Janine WaltersGraphic Designer / Videographer

Janine Walters, an alumna of ArtEZ University of the Arts, contributes her talents as our Professional Graphic Designer. With a creative eye for corporate design and identity, she excels in POS graphic design, brochures, and other creative works. Janine also manages our website and liaises with web designers, skillfully conducts product photography and photo editing, and is an adept videographer and illustrator.

Claudia Roca DescarregaLinguistic Specialist

Claudia Roca Descarrega, our Linguistic Specialist, is a master of languages. Proficient in English, French, Spanish, and Catalan, she specialises in audiovisual translation, editing, proofreading, advertising translation, literary translation, and journalistic translation. Her linguistic prowess is a vital component of our multicultural initiatives.

Tomasz GorskiCustomer Care Professional

Tomasz Gorski, an experienced customer care professional, brings multilingual skills to Riba Rocks. Educated at the University of Lille, Faculty of Law, Politics, and Economics, he is an expert in planning, forecasting, and delivering top-notch customer care in French, English, and Polish.

Together, our team is committed to the principles of art, sustainability, and community, weaving these elements into every facet of our initiatives at Riba Rocks.