Riu d’art

The Riu d’art residency aims to make subtle, yet impactful artistic interventions in the village of Riba-roja d’Ebre. Since 2016, temporary and permanent artworks have filled the streets of Riba-roja d’Ebre. This is developing an open air gallery for residents and visitors to enjoy. Using contemporary art we hope to reanimate spaces, create dialogue and support a shift towards sustainable tourism.

The project.

The project invites applications from local, national and international creative practitioners. With an emphasis on social and cultural integration, artistic collaboration and professional networking.

Riu d'art
Carys Wilson, work in progress, 2018.

The Riba Rocks Association organises the Riu d’art residency with the support of the Ajuntament (Town Hall) of Riba-roja d’Ebre.

Riu d'art
MaryAnn Loo, work in progress, 2018.


Artists are invited to make an application offering their ideas to add to the open air gallery. We arrange visits to local sites of interest and artist take inspiration from the social, cultural, political and natural environment of the area. Proposals are selected based on this connection as well as the intuitive use of materials.

Locations throughout the village are selected by the judging panel to accommodate each work of art. These have included large scale painted murals and multimedia installations. Illustrations within the old part of the village, ceramic works, a large scale steel sculpture and performance art along the river.

Riu d'art
Sarah Misselbrook, ‘Calvari’ 2016.

You can view our Resartis profile here. Previous editions of the Riu d’art residency have included artists from Russia, Lithuania, Chile, Cyprus, UK, Finland, Catalunya, Singapore, Austria and the US. For full biographical information on successful artists or to make an application for future editions, please visit the Riu d’art website.

Riu d'art
FIL, work in progress, 2018.

You can view our Eco Valley based residency La Vall here, if you would prefer to stay on the farm immersed in nature.

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