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The opportunity to Headline Friday Night has become available, and who better than the amazing AUDIO SUBSCENE to step up…

They’ll now follow ALI INGLE, which isn’t going to be easy, but if anyone can do it, it’s these lads from Hull!! With their high energy Indie Rock n Roll, they are sure to get the crowd jumping – we can’t wait, only 2 weeks to go – grab your full weekend or day ticket here!!

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Go grab yourself a copy of Audio Subscene’s latest EP here!!
Dance in the dust! Latest Line Up below… Riba Rocks 2015 – Bring it on!!

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Official Riba Rocks T-Shirts OUT NOW!!!

We are very excited to bring you the Official Riba Rocks T-Shirts and Ibiza Style Vests.

Pre-order your’s NOW!! We have a limited number available. You can purchase your Black ‘T-Shirt’ for 12 euros or ‘Ibiza Style Vest’ for 10 euros below securely via paypal and we will reserve it for you to collect at the festival!

Both the unisex T-Shirts and the Ibiza Style Vests feature a beautiful limited edition design by the awesomely talented Daff Illustration and are available for collection on the festival weekend!

Riba Rocks T-Shirts available in black (with pink print) (sizes M, L, XL, XXL) with Daff Illustration Flamingo design on the front and the Full Riba Rocks 2015 Line Up on the reverse.

Black T-Shirt = 12 euros (collect at festival)



Front of T-Shirt (black with pink print).


Reverse of T-Shirt with full Riba Rocks 2015 line up (black with pink print).

Ibiza Style Vest available in black (pink print) (sizes S, M) with Daff Illustration Flamingo design on the front.

Black Ibiza Style Vest = 10 euros (collect at festival)


IBIZA modelo - negro-fucsia - OK

Ibiza Style Vest available in pink (with black print) (sizes L, XL) with Daff Illustration Flamingo design on the front.

Pink Ibiza Style Vest = 10 euros (collect at festival)


IBIZA modelo - rosa fluor-negro- OK


We are not a business. All proceeds from the festival and merchandise will be used for improvements and future events. Thank you for the support.

The Riba Rocks team.



Thursday 20th August saw the Riba Rocks team talking to Glòria Fandos, host of the ‘PROGRAMA 205 DE POESIA PER LA PAU’ on RÀDIO RÀPITA.

Talking about the team’s objectives, their future goals for this ‘eco festival’ and life and work on the off-grid finca year round.

Riba Rocks is extremely grateful to Glòria Fandos for her continued support and enthusiasm towards this grass roots festival.

¿De quien fue la idea de organizar estos festivales?…
Mi marido y yo, somos artistas y queremos crear una cosa magica en ‘La Vall’!

¿Qué os motivó hacerlo?
Nos gusta mucho la musica en directo y la ambiente y la natura de la finca.

¿Con que objetivo?…
El primer objectivo es para la integracion entre la gente del pueblo y otros personas que vienen aqui de otros paises.
Entonces, para promover los musicos, los DJs y los artistas locales y internacionales.
La finca está completamente ‘fuera de red’ – el festival esta ecologico – los lavabos sin agua, envases biodegradables. El sustenibilidad del evento esta muy importante para el medio ambiente.

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Solar WIFI & mobile charging zone

We are super excited to bring you the Solar WIFI zone at this year’s Riba Rocks festival. In the same place, you will be able to charge your mobile phone while you check mail, browse and upload all those awesome festival photos!!

All this completely FREE!!

Thanks to Absorb Solar, working together to bring you this fantastic service.

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Upload festival photos instantly!!

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Single Day Tickets OUT NOW!!

OUT NOW – Single day tickets for Riba Rocks 2015!

We have just announced the full line up for Riba Rocks 2015 which includes daytime activities, DJ sessions, full Great Beyond Records Main Stage agenda plus special closing party!

Friday 4th September – single day ticket for just 15 euros with DJ ‘on the rocks’, Daff Cafe breakfast, art exhibitions, daytime DJs, poetry, unplugged ‘Couch Covers’ on Delta Vista… then on the main stage: Adria Cid, Troubadour’s Garden, A Lovely War, Audio Subscene, Ali Ingle… DJs Filtah, The Good Sound Night, Pedrols Sanchez and Tarri & Sami… phew!

Saturday 5th September – single day ticket for just 20 euros with Daff Cafe crafternoon, daytime DJs, art workshop, permaculture activity, poetry, unplugged ‘Couch Covers’ on Delta Vista… then on the main stage: Alex Hulme, Mogli, Louis Romegoux, Mog Stanley, Luke Cusato, Linqae, Empathy Test, Charm Offensive… DJs Jonty, Doctor Feelgood, Sarah Main and Marc Flood... wow!

Sunday 6th September single day ticket for only 10 euros with a day of Catalan culture, poetry, art, music by Andreu Carranza (Lo Gitano Blanc), Paella picnic with DJ sessions, Special Sunday Sunset DJ Session by Joe Brook, through to DJ closing party… are we still standing??!!

General admission tickets for the whole weekend are still available until 31st August for only 30 euros – what a bargain!!

We cannot wait to see you in the valley in September. Bring It On! Dance In The Dust!

Day tickets for Riba Rocks 2015