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Line Up Announcement – Yoga & Therapies with Tray Hughes

We are very excited to add to Riba Rocks 2013 Yoga and Therapies with Tray Hughes. Throughout the festival you will have the opportunity to join a yoga session or opt for an individual therapy in the relaxing Valley environment.


A few words from Tray herself about the beauty of practicing Yoga:

“Why Yoga –
Why do I do yoga?? For me it’s a way to feel balanced and strong physically, mentally and emotionally. A regular yoga practice builds strength, tones the body, increases flexibility and relaxes the body and mind.

Yoga helps to correct bad posture and can undo injuries from the past. Lowers blood pressure. Help to manage anxiety and emotional stress. Improves bone densitivity. Tones and improves lung efficiency and so much more.

Yoga also gives me time out from the world, a space to step into and just focus on my body and my breathing, to connect inwards and outwards. Flowing through the poses, focusing on my breathing, really feeling how my body moves holds tensions and releases it.


Mentally it has strengthened my ability to focus inwards, become more still and silence (for a while) the mental chatter in my mind, to be able to just sit still and be with myself in silence.

I love all yoga practices and try to teach different styles: Sometimes I like a fast flowing practice, getting really warmed up and being able to go into and hold strong poses and sequences, to challenge my body, sometimes to go at a gentler pace, to hold the poses for longer, breathing into the posture, feeling how the pose can change the longer you hold it.

I teach Yoga because of how it makes me feel, I love the fact that I can share this with others, to pass on the joy and peace I get from my practice.

Yoga can help people to move through physical and mental blocks in their life, to enable them to move, breath and relax more easily.


Yoga Style – Flow

Brings together energizing and graceful movements with breath awareness to create a rejuvenating, meditative experience. Hatha postures are sequenced to allow fluid movement from one asana to the next. Think of a choreographed series of yoga postures designed to still the mind, invigorate the body, and concentrate the breath. The class starts by centering the mind in the body through breathing practice (Pranayama). It then proceeds through a warming cycle of strengthening and lengthening postures concluding with a relaxation phase to relax the body and mind and integrate the effects. Great practice for beginners & intermediate.”









Line Up Announcement – Artist Kate Theodore

We are extremely excited to add to the Riba Rocks 2013 Line Up – artist in residence Kate Theodore. Come and see Kate creating work in ‘The Valley’ and changing the land in some way…. more details to follow. You can view Kate’s work by visiting her website
2013-05-28 14.16.02

Social Anthropology to BA, Philosophy to MA, University of Edinburgh 2004.
Access to Art, The Working Mens College, London 2005
Princes Drawing School, 2006
Post-graduate diploma in Fine Art, Cyprus College of Art, 2007

Winner of the Lowes Dickenson Prize, 2006
Leonardo da vinci european exchange scholarship 2007
Artist residency, TAKT Berlin, 2008
Artist residency, Many mini, Berlin 2009
Artist residency, Casa Cultura, Betim, Brazil, 2012

The Laundry, London

Festival of art and music evolution, Canary Wharf, London (video screening) 25th-28th April 2013

We-are-collective, sounds and visuals, Chapel Arts, 2012,

Shaken:dissolve, solo show, The Westend Arts Centre, 2012.

Standpoint Open: Diamonds in the rough, group show, Quay Arts, 2012.

Rendition, group show, Chapel Arts,, 2012

SET 90 min performance ,10 days across the city, 2011

Pre.sense, Oxford, 2010

The Whole Two Yards, group show, City Space, Winchester 2010
10days at the Laundry, 2010

Dangers of the Faithless, group show, Gallery N16, London, 2009

Move through Walls, solo installation, Kunst-stoffe, Berlin, 2009

Stop Making Art, Gallery Mittwoch, Berlin,2009

Solo Installation, The Foundry, London, 2009

Urban Affairs, Friedrichshoe Brewery, Berlin, 2008

Zufallsvariablen, Kunstraum Tapir, Berlin, 2008

Die ansammlung, Takt Gallery, Berlin, 2008

Ela ela, La Viande Gallery, London, 2007

Ela ela, Panicos Mavrellis, Limassol, Cyprus, 2007

Line Up Announcement – DJ Joe Brook

Here at RRHQ we are delighted to announce the latest addition to the line-up for this coming September.

Joe Brook of DJ collective ‘Audio Sunshine’ will be bringing his summery sunset vibes to Riba Rocks. Audio Sunshine have appeared at legendary South London venues including Ministry of Sound and Plan B. To listen to some of Joe Brook’s mixes just click here.


Line Up Announcement – The Horn The Hunt

Ok, the wait is over… we are honoured to have as our main act for Riba Rocks 2013, The Horn The Hunt. Their headlining performance will be truly breathtaking within the The Valley environment.


‘Like a lone hawk gliding on arid winds above a shimmering golden desert, the unique sound of The Horn The Hunt fuses wandering and hypnotic synth melodies with hearty bass and primal beats to paint vivid and expansive landscapes. Ethereal yet powerful female vocals weave mystical narratives with beguiling lyricism, spinning tales of journeys, animals and other worlds. With both electronic and rock influences, The Horn The Hunt defy straight-forward classification and prefer to call themselves
‘pop music’ in reference to their desire to connect with people through story-telling and theatricality. Originating from the Pennines of West Yorkshire, England, The Horn The Hunt began as duo Clare Carter and Joseph Osborne during travels in 2008, where they roamed making music from the fjords of Norway to a log cabin in Greenland to blisteringly hot caves carved into the side of a canyon in Spain.


They moved to Leeds, UK, and released the output of their wandering: a first, self-titled album in 2009 and began to perform live, then signed to White Label Music in early 2010. Embarking on a new musical exploration with each record, they released their second album ‘Depressur Jolie’ in May 2011 and toured throughout the UK and Europe, with the live addition of Conor Lawrence on drums.

The Horn The Hunt left their management and record label in 2011, returning to the studio to embark on their next musical journey. They now have a contract with the New York based publisher Sarig Songs, and are currently working with their drummer on a third album, due to be released in 2013.’
Written by Elizabeth Holdsworth.

Official Site
Sarig Songs

“Depressur Jolie plays the call and response game perfectly. Like the precise samples they deploy, each member of The Horn The Hunt fits together like parts of a machine, both relying on each other symbiotically to enhance the aesthetic of the other. The Horn and The Hunt are fine partners.” 7/10

“The Horn The Hunt make their music atmospheric, but not in the same way that the current wave of Witch House are. Instead of slowing down and distorting samples, thereʼs a building presence that runs through their tracks, nuanced arrangements that serve to engulf rather than overawe. In a few years, a trawl through redundant iPods may seem like the work of science fiction, with dead genres and irrelevant bands dominating most played lists. Not everything ages well, but itʼd be a fair bet to say that these two will hold up a lot better than most.”

“The listener needs patience to interpret the visual and musical nuances emerging from the dusk. The action that plays out in the darkness might best be described by the Greenlandic verb “iimivoq”, which can be interpreted as either “water is drawn from the shore by the ebb of the sea” or “to call out for joy.” The tide sighs under the ice, rising and falling, almost indistinguishable from the singer’s breath. In this, as in other releases, The Horn The Hunt create a chilling union of human and earthly landscapes.”
Nancy Campbell



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