Best Sustainable Education & Training Development Provider – Northeastern Spain

We are delighted to announce we have received an Education and Training Award 2022!

The Riba Rocks association has been awarded ‘Best Sustainable Education & Training Development Provider – Northeastern Spain’.

With huge thanks to our trainers Roser Gay, Isabel Torres and Sarah Misselbrook Thank you to the Riba Rocks association members for their time and energy; Edgar, Claudia, Andrea, Rachel, Tomasz, Janine, Veera, John, Toni, Judith, Tamara, Sarah and Chris. Finally, thank you to the Ajuntament of Riba-roja d’Ebre for their continued support.

The Riba Rocks association is based on an off-grid olive farm in Catalunya, North East Spain. With a focus on sustainability and traditional skills, we are a group of creatives with teacher training experience hosting Erasmus & Turing placements. One of our projects, Riu d’art, sees the creation of artworks in the streets of Riba-roja d’Ebre. Association members facilitate student, graduate & professional artists with their creative proposals based upon the cultural heritage of this region.

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