Daff Illustration comes to the Sunday Art and Craft Market

We are very pleased to officially announce the ‘Daff Illustration’ stall at Riba Rocks’ Art and Craft Market on Sunday 8th September. Daff will be bringing a selection of her laser cut ply planets, sun and fossil coasters, fabric stars, laser cut card suns and mini felt heart decorations. You can see Daff’s portfolio here.


Daff says about her work, “I endeavour to communicate complex scientific themes using a variety of methods and materials, including laser cutting, printmaking, paper cuts and book works. My most recent work focuses on ‘Origins’ (the origin of the universe, nature and human life), the Solar System and the 540 million year old creatures from the Cambrian Era that lie at the roots of our evolutionary tree of life.

My work is not only a visual interpretation of scientific information, but on a more personal level, is a way to gain a better understanding of where we come from, engage with the natural world and appreciate the wonders of our universe.”


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