We are absolutely thrilled to announce The Horn The Hunt will be headlining this year’s Riba Rocks festival, performing as a full band featuring their heavy synths, desert guitars, bass, drums and powerful vocals.

The Horn The Hunt

Emerging from a winter spent in Greenland, THTH formed out of a burning desire to make challenging pop music. Currently based in Leeds, UK, the duo of Clare Carter and Joseph Osborne are now performing their live sets as a full band and we cannot wait to hear their sounds in the valley. THTH have played with Active Child, Crystal Fighters, Savages, Uh Huh Her, Daedelus, Zola Jesus, Chew Lips, Turin Brakes, Casiotone For The Painfully Alone and Salem.

The Horn The Hunt Starless Single 2014

They released their new single ‘Starless’ on 31st March 2014. ‘Starless’ is taken from the upcoming album ‘Terrafidella’, due for release later in 2014, and showcases a wholly immersive and atmospheric musical landscape that the duo has created. Clare describes the track as being “about giving everything to a cause and sacrificing your own happiness” and cites nature as one of their biggest inspirations.


With its 80s pop and 90s grunge influences, ‘Starless’ opens in a mysterious and chilling way, before we are led in to a more developed, psychedelic and layered sound.

You can read more and listen to The Horn The Hunt on the following links.

Official website <http://thehornthehunt.com>
Bandcamp <http://thehornthehunt.bandcamp.com/>
Twitter <https://twitter.com/thehornthehunt>
Soundcloud <https://soundcloud.com/the-horn-the-hunt/sets>
YouTube <http://www.youtube.com/user/daspoochos>

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