Line Up Announcement ** Hysterical Injury **

Hysterical Injury are a noise pop bass drums duo from South Wales via the West Country UK. Formed in 2007 as a three piece, are now brother and sister, Annie and Tom Gardiner. They have played hundreds of shows and supported many great bands including Lightning Bolt, Marnie Stern, Men, She Keeps Bees, Mike Watt, Black Pus, The Primitives, Katie Stelmanis (Austra), Screaming Females and many more. They are one of a kind in that they intertwine unusual melodic lines, big bass riffs and beats mashed from every style.

Hysterical Injury at Riba Rocks

It makes them hard to pigeon hole but if you have to ask, BBC Radio DJ Steve Lamacq ‘They kick up a thrash pop racket’ and Venus Zine in the US hailed them as ‘Our generations SonicYouth’. This is their first trip to Europe as a band.

Hysterical Injury at Riba Rocks festivalphotos by Keira Cullinane.

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