Line Up Announcement – DJ Richie Wilde aka Rico Furioso

So, we have definitely left the best till last…you are in for a real treat. This year’s headline DJ at Riba Rocks will be Richie Wilde aka Rico Furioso. We are thrilled that our headline dj is flying in from Ibiza to perform his superb sets for us in La Vall. Just off the back of his Misselstock 2013 performance, we simply cannot wait for this…

“A larger than life persona, Richie Wilde has been DJing for over 20 years and has played at parties, clubs and functions all over the South of England under many different guises. From hosting Rock/Indie shows in London and headlining local festivals he plays to the crowd in his own Wilde flamboyant way.”


“Rico Furioso raises the bar for energy behind the decks, he is the next octave, the next level – he is the party. With dates in Ibiza, mainland Spain and the UK throughout the year Rico is a busy man. He draws on the energy of the crowd and gives it back at high velocity! Rico resides in Ibiza.”


To read more about Richie Wilde aka Rico Furioso and to book him for your party click here and like the superstar DJ on facebook here.

You can listen to some of his mixes here.

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