Line Up Announcement – Yoga & Therapies with Tray Hughes

We are very excited to add to Riba Rocks 2013 Yoga and Therapies with Tray Hughes. Throughout the festival you will have the opportunity to join a yoga session or opt for an individual therapy in the relaxing Valley environment.


A few words from Tray herself about the beauty of practicing Yoga:

“Why Yoga –
Why do I do yoga?? For me it’s a way to feel balanced and strong physically, mentally and emotionally. A regular yoga practice builds strength, tones the body, increases flexibility and relaxes the body and mind.

Yoga helps to correct bad posture and can undo injuries from the past. Lowers blood pressure. Help to manage anxiety and emotional stress. Improves bone densitivity. Tones and improves lung efficiency and so much more.

Yoga also gives me time out from the world, a space to step into and just focus on my body and my breathing, to connect inwards and outwards. Flowing through the poses, focusing on my breathing, really feeling how my body moves holds tensions and releases it.


Mentally it has strengthened my ability to focus inwards, become more still and silence (for a while) the mental chatter in my mind, to be able to just sit still and be with myself in silence.

I love all yoga practices and try to teach different styles: Sometimes I like a fast flowing practice, getting really warmed up and being able to go into and hold strong poses and sequences, to challenge my body, sometimes to go at a gentler pace, to hold the poses for longer, breathing into the posture, feeling how the pose can change the longer you hold it.

I teach Yoga because of how it makes me feel, I love the fact that I can share this with others, to pass on the joy and peace I get from my practice.

Yoga can help people to move through physical and mental blocks in their life, to enable them to move, breath and relax more easily.


Yoga Style – Flow

Brings together energizing and graceful movements with breath awareness to create a rejuvenating, meditative experience. Hatha postures are sequenced to allow fluid movement from one asana to the next. Think of a choreographed series of yoga postures designed to still the mind, invigorate the body, and concentrate the breath. The class starts by centering the mind in the body through breathing practice (Pranayama). It then proceeds through a warming cycle of strengthening and lengthening postures concluding with a relaxation phase to relax the body and mind and integrate the effects. Great practice for beginners & intermediate.”









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