Permaculture workshop with Boodaville

This year at Riba Rocks, we welcome to The Valley Anna Gurney from the Boodaville Project. Anna will be talking to us about permaculture ideas and philosophies as well as running a daytime workshop. We are really excited for you all to meet Anna and we feel this will be an invaluable exercise for our festival community.

The Boodaville Project, in the Matarranya district of Spain started in 2008 with the purchase of 1.5 hectares of olive terraces and pine forests in a stunning, tranquil location. Over the years, many people in an ever-growing international community have become involved and we’ve learned about, and applied, permaculture design during the development of the site.

The long term goal is to create a working example of permaculture principles in action, including food production, comfortable accommodation for guests and plenty of space for workshops and courses. In a nutshell, permaculture means that we will plan carefully to design hyper-efficient systems which make the most of natural processes, use few external resources, generate very little waste and are considerate of the local and global community. It will be a constantly evolving project as we move as close as possible to being truly sustainable while enabling others to change their own lifestyles and opening minds to alternative ways of seeing the world and relating to it.

Here’s dates for a few of the upcoming Boodaville events:
July 24-26 2015 : Weekend Retreat / Retiro – Yoga / Naturaleza / Relaxation
October 3 – 10 : Workcamp – Applied Permaculture Design / Campo de Trabajo – Permacultura


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