Riba Rocks collaborating with ‘Wegow’

We are collaborating with Wegow for this year’s International Music and Arts festival ‘Riba Rocks’.

Wegow is the first social network dedicated to live music lovers. It is the only platform that connects people at concerts and festivals and we are proud to have them as an official collaborator for this year’s event.

Click here to visit the Wegow page and start planning your trip to this year’s Riba Rocks festival using BlaBlaCar! Get together with your friends and enjoy one of the best weekends in the middle of nature at this off-grid event.

Collaborating with Wegow

“Wegow began with a personal experience. In our case it was the repetition of the same situation. We were attending as many concerts as we could but we ended up losing out and not having the company of our closest friends. Worst of all is that the next day we learned through social networks that many people we knew had attended, whom with we could have gone and enjoyed the concert.

It was at this moment that we created a tool that reflect musical tastes and favorite artists to show upcoming next concerts, and also tells you about your friends and acquaintances that are attending.

Once we designed the main idea we equiped the platform with different features such as viewing videos, photos and news. We also have a forum where you can share ideas and opinions on any subject related to music. We tested it with the first version of Wegow 1.0 and the results were so surprising that we decided to embark on creating a new version.

In short, Wegow is a community for people who enjoy attending concerts and festivals.”

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