Riu d’art 2018 Inauguration

Riba Rocks (registered association) was proud to present the official inauguration of the 2018 Riu d’art residency, which took place in Riba-roja d’Ebre on the 30th June 2018. The evening saw an official reception outside the Town Hall where the Riba Rocks Association and the Youth Councillor of the Ajuntament thanked all the artists involved and reiterated the aims and objectives of this residency.

The Riu d’art residency aims to make subtle yet impactful interventions in both public and private spaces within the village resulting in an open air art gallery for residents and visitors to enjoy. Using contemporary art to reanimate spaces and to create dialogue, improve self-esteem and support a shift towards sustainable tourism.

The project invites applications from local, national and international practitioners, with an emphasis on social and cultural integration, artistic collaboration and professional networking.

We received a fantastic number of applications this year from all over the world and Riba Rocks and the Youth Councillor selected 10 successful submissions: 3 local, 2 national and 5 international artists who resided in the village throughout the project.

The Riba Rocks association held social evenings where artists could interview local inhabitants for research and inspiration for their works.

Members of the Riba Rocks team took the artist group on excursions to local sites of interest including Berrus hermitage, the dam and one of the infamous Juniper Ovens, to both welcome the artists to the area and offer an insight into the local culture and natural environment.

A riverside walk, a hike to Santa Madrona Church and an opportunity to visit the Riba Rocks headquarters (La Vall Eco Valley) for lunch offered the artists further inspiration and a chance to get to know each other’s background, cultures and artistic practice.

Members of the Riba Rocks association were on hand throughout the residency to offer support to artists with any technical issues, material requirements and to liaise with the Riba-roja Brigada for infrastructure and equipment needs. Riba Rocks and the artists would like to take this opportunity to thank the Brigada for their hard work and support throughout this project.

For more information and links to the artist websites and social media channels, please visit the Riu d’art website.

The residency experience utilises the local co-working centre, ‘Zona Liquida’, which offers workspace and facilities to entrepreneurs and creatives where Riba Rocks themselves have an office space.

The Riba Rocks Association continues to work with visual artists, musicians, poets and performing artists on both valley and village based projects. The Association is not-for-profit and all its members and the committee work on a voluntary basis.

If you would like more information about becoming a member of the Riba Rocks Association, please contact us.

Carys Wilson, ‘Take time, walk slow, notice the treasures all around you’, 2018.

Bianca Tschaikner, ‘Fillas de la Riba’, 2018.

Romina Cristi, ‘Lugares intangibles’. 2018

MaryAnn Loo, ‘The Riba-roja Dream Tree’, 2018.

FIL, ‘Equilibri Riba-roja i l’Ebre’, 2018.

Escola d’art, ‘II. Atmellers’, 2018.

Karen Harvey, ‘Underneath’, 2018.

Roser Gay, ‘Recollint la primavera’, 2018.

Artists visiting La Pena, Riba-roja d’Ebre.

Artists enjoying some social time.

A visit to the dam.

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