Riu d’art Digital 2021

After a Covid related hiatus in 2020, we will organise a digital event this summer, 2021, with a view to returning to international physical residencies when it is safe to do so. So, we are now calling for submissions under the theme ‘Water’ or ‘River’. Our village based residency ‘Riu d’art’ in English means River of Art, therefore we are using that as our main focus.

Works can be:
Recorded performances
Recorded written word…

There are no limitations! Only that the work can be sent to us here in Riba-roja d’Ebre and projected or screened in some way in the streets of this beautiful village.


We are on the banks of the River Ebro with one of the largest hydroelectric dams situated just up river. We have some of the largest catfish in the river, it is used for sporting and leisure activities and meanders around the village itself. Snow melt, occasional heavy rain and summer drought affects the river level, but it is controlled by the dam opening its gates. The river has a strong current and is extremely wide. The village of Riba-roja d’Ebre (literally Red River Bank of the Ebro – from the colour of the soil), is where the Ebro becomes Catalan, flowing from our neighbouring Region of Aragón in Spain.

Without physically visiting the area (which is usually the main source of inspiration for our artists), we welcome your interpretation on this theme, taking your inspiration from the water source/river flow/ pond, lake or sea local to you.

We offer an artist fee of 100 euros if your submission is chosen to be shown in Riu d’art digital 2021.

To apply, please send the following by email to info@riba-rocks.com
  • Single page CV (pdf or word)
  • A maximum of 5 images of your work for submission (low res jpegs or pngs)
  • 150 word description of your submitted work (pdf or word)
  • If your work is video based, please send a 30 second clip (mp3 or mp4)
  • Social media handles
  • Website address to view previous works

Please note, if the above is not followed, we will not be able to view your application. Thank you!

We look forward to receiving your submission.

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