Riu d’art September 2022

We get ready to welcome artists to Riba-roja d’Ebre to create new works for the Riu d’art Open Air Gallery. This edition will include large scale murals and projected video works, as well as an exhibition of local artists and a free art workshop!

Firstly, Nadia Petković will be working in Carrer Triangle. Nadia is a Berlin-based Canadian artist, working primarily in the mediums of pen illustration, acrylic painting, and digital drawing. Her work expresses a return to nature, often referencing alternate realities, like dreams or utopias. She looks for ways to connect elements of nature with the human condition; amplifying natural scenery and composing surreal imagined worlds. She sees art as a method to navigate the tensions between what we see as divided or separated: nature and us, mind and body, interior and exterior, the individual and the collective.

Secondly, Hoodoolab, an artistic duo based in Barcelona. Kathleen Day, photographer (Edmonton, Canada) and Francisco López Riopedre, graphic designer (Burela, Spain). In 2016 they created the platform HOODOOLAB. This project was born from the need to investigate and generate new languages in the field of visual arts. Analogue photography being the starting point of the creative process and experimentation. Sensitivity for different cultures, and an interest in history are common themes in their work. In addition to photography they work with various other media including painting, carpentry, and pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs).

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