Sunday 7th Sept at this year’s Riba Rocks

Wow, what a weekend at Riba Rocks!!! And there was even more ahead of us for the Sunday. We were treated to a daytime DJ session by Phil Sea and the Troubadour’s Garden graced the stage. What a way to kick off the final day of the festival. Thank you Anna and Phil, big love from everyone. Following that, we welcomed back Adria Cid with his beautiful vocals filling the valley.


The moon was full and the night felt magical. Next up on stage was DJ Jonty with his moonshine session which got everyone in the mood for a dance! Followed by the amazing talent Maud the Moth who creates layers of sound which filled the valley and us with awe. A headline performance by Riba-roja d’Ebre band Flatware entertained us and then it was time for some more DJs starting with DJ Tarri and moving onto Abel Bueno and Dani Bueno Gongalez of the Association of DJs Flix. A great way to end the festival.

And then, it began to rain…

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