The Olive Harvest 2018

Yey! It’s olive harvest time again!

This year the weather has been very strange and we were warned that the oil yield would be poor due to a very long summer drought followed by some extremely heavy autumn rain and then a lack of sun to turn the water to oil in the fruit.

We hosted only 2 helpers this year, Emily from the UK (who had just completed a grape harvest in France) and Patrícia from Catalunya (who had never picked olives before!). A few days of wonderful olive picking (although some bad weather made it a little difficult) and we took the trip to the local co-operative mill in the village.

With our expectations low compared to last year, we were shocked to discover we had picked 712 kilos from only 38 trees! We then waited (whilst having a cold beer to celebrate) for the olive pulp to be pressed. On our return to the mill the olive oil was flowing. Another shock, 135 litres of liquid gold was produced which meant a yield of 19%. The average this year is 15% so the farm is doing us proud!

Huge thanks to our hardworking workaways and our wonderful neighbours who also have their own olive finca (future exchange of labour for sure!).

Look out for the Riba Rocks extra virgin olive oil available to purchase NOW in time for Christmas!
For 750ml of Riba Rocks oil we ask for a donation to the Riba Rocks not for profit Association of 6 euros. Contact us to order your fresh oil!

Alternatively, the oil is available for sale in Bay Leaves Larder and Rice Up, both in Southampton.

Here’s some photos of the pressing process at the mill…

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